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Unfortunately for me my Easter break wasn’t too much of a break but compared to the people i hope i have helped its the least i could do.

Over the last 10 months we have seen a series of female abductions which have resulted in numerous rapes and a couple of horrendous murders. The person responsible has got a very nasty malicious streak to his nature. There is killing and killing the way he does.

A few days back we had a bit of a breakthrough, although not perfect. In the past females have been abducted at night by what appears to be two males but could be one. I actually favour the theory of a lone male. Females are being bundled into a van and blindfolded before they have had a chance to take in their surroundings. Not much information has been gleaned about the perpetrator of where he goes. Survivors are unclear whether one or two are responsible. He usually dumps them after drugging them so when they wake up they are either unaware of their surrounds and how they got there or are actually in hospital after being found unconscious. We have attributed a couple of murders to him as it appears a certain part of his MO fits them all.

A while back a vehicle was lifted from the streets after being reported dumped. Its only after a failed abduction last week that this vehicle came into play. The witness gave a description of a style of vehicle she thought was very close to her when the attempt took place. She remembered walking past a vehicle and hearing an electric sounding door mechanism. The door i have just examined had an electric side door. That is why i favour a lone attacker who uses certain vehicle aids to help him.

This vehicle for some reason was dumped and he obviously has a new one to carry out his activities with.

I attended a forensic vehicle examination depot that we have a few around the country. Not many people know about them as they do contain quite a lot of forensic value to investigations.

The vehicle concerned was to have a full inside and out examination for any evidence that can link any victims or suspects to it.

The outside of the vehicle had the usually techniques used and various sets of fingermarks were found. Its not unusual to find fingermarks on vehicles as they do sit in streets with people passing by and sometime touching them as they go about their daily business. Its when find see them in certain places they become more relevant. This vehicle had a few prints of interest on the outside but its when i lifted the vehicle up to look underneath i felt i hit the jackpot.

A vehicle lift  was used and i created a skirt around the vehicle to make it dark and easier to some techniques. With just a torch being used first i came across scuff marks on the underside of the vehicle and an few patches of what look like blood. Near this area were bit of substance that i knew was human flesh and hair. This vehicle had ran over someone, but who.

I was kind of happy about what i’d found as hopefully we were getting nearer to the man responsible as this looked like a vehicle that was used by him.

The search of the inside resulted in more evidence of crimes being committed and all i could do was hope they pointed towards a suspect we had on file. The insides of the windows had a dark film stuck to them, obscuring the outside from seeing the evil within. The were marks in places that a normal passenger wouldn’t leave them. It looked like someone had been held hostage within the vehicle at some point.

The question was why had the vehicle been dumped. It had for some reason ran over someone and had someone inside so why get rid know.

With a quick summery of the possible evidence being relayed to the officer we had a chat about theories and then he decided to start with the flesh under the car. It wouldn’t be too long before DNA results came back but that was relying on the person being on the system. He had his ideas of how to hopefully speed the search up.

After two days spent searching every inch of this vehicle i hoped i’d done any victim proud. Hopefully the evidence found would go some way to finding the bastard.

After leaving the car facility i had a phone call saying they may have found he victim. A hospital 30 miles away had a female victim in a coma for the last 3 weeks. The hospital though she had been involved in a hit and run but unlike most hit and runs she looked like she had gone under the car not bounced of the car. The time scale fits with the time the vehicle was reported to have been dumped. DNA was being taken and hopefully matched the DNA from under the car. It would at least explain what happened to her and give the police another search area and maybe the missing link.

A big dollop of luck was need to save others from his grasps.

This story may get a follow up in the future if I’m involved in it.


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