Well yesterday certainly made me tired. A whole Sunday night without sleep and then a couple of hours grabbed in the office sleep-room.

When i woke in the afternoon i had to spend a few hours processing my images and sending digital versions to the Officers in the case. A couple of relevant one’s were also sent to the pathologist. Good evidence gathered and the team who attended after me cleared up quickly and gained more evidence. It certainly wasn’t a suicide. Its amazing how after years of attending scenes you never believe the obvious, look outside the box and you’ll see what your meant to see.

It ended up a late night by the time i left the office. Paperwork, the surge of my life.

That was Monday and its now Tuesday.

I arrived at work as usual, on a busy commuter train. I often wonder what the average commuter would make of things if he knew the person standing next to him could have had his hand in a stiff an hour earlier. That would be on the way home, not generally the way to work.

A rape scene needed my attention this morning. The allegation is that a stranger rape a lady in a hotel room. Its not too sure if the perpetrator ejaculated or not so a semen search is required. There are a couple of ways to find semen, one destructive and one not and i’m not going to tell you how i do it.

I arrived at the hotel to find it was a normal room, not a suit. Lucky for me. You open the door and there was a small corridor with a door to the bathroom on the right and then the room opened out into a nice hotel room with a bed against the wall on the right. You could tell it was a nice hotel as the bed looks sumptuous. Another clue was the name of the chain, which your not going to know.

I used the non destructive method even though it is less sensitive. As long as semen had started to degrade bacteria would be growing so i would be able to find it. Its not the best method in the world as far as the searcher is concerned as you quite often have to be close to the area your searching, as with most of the things i do. Moving you head across a mattress covered in someone else’s bodily fluids isn’t the normal persons daily routine. I find what i’m after on the sheet which is good as no one has used the room since the offence, its not that kind of hotel.  I look on the floor beside that side of the bed and unsurprising there is semen on the carpet as well. There are a couple of reasons for semen being on the floor of which i will let you work out yourselves.

The hotel has kindly allowed us to keep control of the room for a couple of days. The nicer hotels are obliging where as the hourly rentals can be are real pain. There keen to get rid of you as you cost them money. They have no shame or sympathy for victims. Shit bags.

With that in mind i decide that getting the sheets back for further examination and the semen swabs submitted for DNA analysis is the most important thing to do. If there is a hit, job done.

I returned to the office and submitted the swabs to the squints for them to do their business. They can have DNA back within hours if needed.

For the moment its in the hands of the lab guys to catch the nasty bastard. If they don’t manage a DNA hit we will be back at the scene looking for other evidence.

Turned out another long day after all the paperwork, surge, was completed. Loads of emails to complete as well as i haven’t really don’t much with them for a couple of days. Management rubbish as usual, 90% irrelevant but important to the bean counters.

Off home so back soon


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