The world has gone mad but there are still heroes

What has happened this year!!!!!

3 terrorist attacks in London, 1 revenge terrorist attack, 1 tower block inferno with huge loss of life.

I’m fairly sure this planet is big enough for us all to live in piece.

A big salute to the heroes who ran into the Grenfell tower block without thinking about their own lives. Those guys all deserve medals and maybe one day you’ll see people walking around with LFB t shirts in a similar manner to the NYFD.

I was great to see all corners of the community come together and support those who have lost everything. It just shows the world needs to take a step back and reflect on the path we have taken the world. Lets turn it around enjoy our lives and know our kids will enjoy the world as we have.

Terrorists can just f++k off and rot in their own holes.

Maybe Teresa May should halt Brexit and sort our country out first.

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