I had to make a decision when i got in, did i go to yesterdays body at the morgue or a fresh scene. I plummet for the new scene, management has its perks at times.

After dispatching another couple to the morgue i got my kit ready and fuelled the van up. I was of to a trailer a couple of hours away and it wasn’t in a park.

When i arrived i realised it was just a trailer by itself on a patch of waste and. It was a real shit hole. Who the heck wants to live like that. By leaving so much rubbish around your living area just makes life difficult. Its not even easy to walk across the stub land to your trailers door. I suppose one persons cleanliness is another shit tip.

Any way this was a dodgy bit of land on the outside of a town that no one really paid any attention to. I presume the guy had lived their on his own for a while and not really bothered anyone. Fair enough.

As you got to within 100 meters of the trailer you could smell the body, wow he was ripe. The recent weather won’t have helped with preserving the body, a bit of an unusual warm patch. Imagine what it would have been like in the height of summer, soup.

Protective clothing was the only thing going to save my clothing as i could imagine bit of liquified body splatting on to me. It a great job!!!!.

I walked started of by placing the black out material over each window. It was a  very sunny day so i may as well put the material on the outside, i couldn’t image there would be a lot of room to manoeuvre on the inside so easier done before entering. I was right.

Once a body has got to this stage of decomposition there isn’t a great deal you can do to help with the smell. Some people put a mint smelling balm on their top lip but i just accept the smell and generally within a few minutes your brain has accepted it as ‘natural(ish)”. Its not ideal but the easiest way i find to deal with it. Some people just never get used to it and try all sort of different masks, it just isn’t worth the effort. The only part i get pee’d of with is knowing at some point in the evening i will end up smelling it again. The smell molecules sticks to the the hairs in your nose. Next time someone passes gas next to you just remember you will have their poo particles stuck on the hairs in your nose. Nice thought.

I eventually search the front and only door for any evidence. Bits are found and retrieved. I slowly make my way into the trailer and you guessed it the smell was even worse. This poor guy was even too ripe for the fly’s. They’d had a a few generations live of him and then decided enough is enough and flown somewhere more salubrious. I couldn’t get straight to the body as i needed to clear a patch to him and collect any evidence on the way. Using the bits of kit i arrived with it took a few hours to get to him. The heat inside the trailer meant frequent stops for water. Its quite amusing when officers see you walk out of a scene dressed in the gear, its like watching a scientist emerge from area 51. Some of the protective face/head gear is a bit NASA orientated.

Eventually i reach the guy and decide once again their isn’t a lot i can do in situ. As soon as i touch him he’s going to fall apart. The clothing is examined and then i retrieve a body bag for him. It will need careful help to get him into the bag, 2 officers help. He isn’t very stable and the inevitable happened. I was holding the shoulders, deliberately and the officers had the leg ends. The held too close to the ankles and the pressure on the hip socket gave way. One leg decided to leave the socket with the worst sucking/squelchy sound you can imagine. I’m unfortunately laughing and the officer is doing his best not to vomit. Bless him but it was funny watching their faces.

To give you a clue of what the scene was like, imagine your part of a Walking Dead set and your the one holding a zombies limb.

Eventually he is placed into the bag and rapped tightly so no spillage occurs in the van transporting it to the morgue.

As the body has now been removed i am left with slightly more space to work in. It still stinks and their is bits of body slime around but hey ho, its all in a days work. Maybe i should have stuck with maths and worked in finance, nah.

I do find quite a bit of evidence that a disturbance has occurred. Hopefully the coroner can find evidence of foul play to co-onberate what i believe is found play. Its not always easy to see evidence of injuries when the body is that far decomposed.

With my nostrils full of dead body particles i clean the kit thoroughly and head back along the long road to the office.


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