Sick People

Whatever job i turn up to i don’t think i will ever come to realise the full extent of how sick some people can be.

I’ve always understood that in a fit of madness some people may lash out with a knife or gun. I’m certainly not condoning violence but i can understand how a one off act can result in the heat of the moment. However the sick bastards do come to the top of the pile every so often.

I was called to a house where a girl had been found dead on the drive way. As i arrived i was informed that the girl did live in the house and had been out for the evening. She was obviously attacked within sight of her front door. The area is nice and its not exactly next to a main road. The perpetrator has obviously followed her along to the attack site. A big question is whether they knew she lived in this house of he just attacked her at the point she had noticed him.

My guess wold be he is known to her. Too much of a coincidence.

After carrying out an quick examination of her i suggested she be moved to the morgue quickly. The evidence around her was preserved and she was removed. The stress the family was enduring knowing she was just 30 meters away at the bottom of the drive must have been unimaginable. Something i was fully aware of and didn’t want to add to it.

There wasn’t much else to do at the scene. The area of ground around her was swabbed due to the likelihood that she had been sexually assaulted.

It had been arranged for the body to be left out at the morgue for me to attend and carry out a thorough examination of her.

I arrived and got the kit ready. This was too be a search that amazed and socked me at the same time. What this poor girl went through was totally unforgivable.

The usual search was carried out of her clothing, starting with the outer most layer and working our way in. Once the clothing had had all foreign fibres taken for examination the body could be looked at. It was becoming fairly obvious that she had been strangled, the lividity was starting to show thus the marks around her neck became more visible.

I still find the net bits a bit disturbing even though i’ve seen virtually everything a human will commit against another human.

It became obvious that something was wrong around her vaginal area as lots of damage was visible around the surrounding area. A closer examination fund that pieces of masonry had been pushed up inside her. The shock and anger didn’t allow me to think logically for a minute or so. Why had this act been committed against her. After continuing with the examination i found more disturbing masonry deep in her throat.

I was totally puzzled by this discovery whilst finishing the examination. On completion i called the officers in and showed them my finding. Even the pathologist was amazed. Depravity had reached a new low.

After talking it through there was only one conclusion we could come to and that was that the perpetrator of this dead thought that as masonry had lime stone within it, it would destroy any DNA he had left behind.

How wrong  of him to think that.

I’m sorry this is a short post but this act committed on a young girls has actually shocked me. One thing for certain is that they won’t be walking the streets for too long as not many outwit science.

We’re coming for you, you sick f++ker.

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