Never seen that before

Today was another new one for me.

I was asked by an officer if i could assist in bringing back some writing that had been rubbed of. I gave the usual answer to any question, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. I know from past experiences that writing can be retrieved but its not an exact science. It depends on if it was paint, ink, excrement (yep thats been done) or some unidentified liquid. I was asked to go along to a safe house and try to bring back some writing on human skin.

Always up for a challenge.

I arrived at the secret location which took ages to get to and find. Makes sense there not on the main drag but this was basically a shit hole in the arse end of a nearby city. Nice location again.

I was introduced to a guy who had been kidnapped and bodily shaved. Yep every part of him had been shaved and then written on. He seemed to think it was marker pens they used. Not knowing what to expect i just asked for a sensible area of his body to try first, the arm. After the health and safety issues were dealt with i used a technique that has worked in the past, it also worked this time. On his arm were scribbles and shapes that made no sense. We decided to go of the body exam. He stripped of and i along with the officer had a look at his body. Wow, i nearly wet my pants. He had all sort of obscenities written all over him accusing him of being racist. That was not the ones that made we struggle to keep composure. Please bear in mind the victim had blackout goggles so cannot see my face. I was trying not to snigger loudly but waved the officer to the back area. On it was written ” i love bestiality”, the officer then showed me the front that had “i love to masterbate”. Yep they had even spelt it wrong. I just wanted to ask him what the heck he had done to upset someone so much but thought better of it. All sorts of other things were written across his body.

A strange bizarre but funny day.

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