Its going to be busy today

I’m currently sitting outside a morgue after examining 2 bodies with one more to go. Quick coffee break and an update, aren’t you lucky.

It was pretty obvious as soon as i walked in the office, today was going to be busy. Lucky i was up to date on the relevant paperwork. I am always behind on completing individuals appraisals. They aren’t worth the paper the’re written on. A couple of years ago one of my managers asked me to change an individuals appraisal as they may not like it. What’s the point in telling the truth when the next manager up (who doesn’t work directly with the individual)  changes it. It baffles me on how some individuals need to be mollycoddled through their careers. More rants about that n the future.

Today we have a grand total of 6 bodies. Three in the morgue and 2 scenes with 1 at one and 2 at the other. As we are slightly low on staff (not exactly flush on a good day) i allocate myself the 3 bodies at the morgue, luckily they are all lying in fridges next to each other. The two scenes have 6 colleagues going to them as they are largish venues. Not taxing, just large, hence i’m on my own with the 3 stiffs.

All three bodies are from different incidents and in different state of decaying. The officers don’t have many leads so have asked for the bodies to be looked at in the hope i can find areas of interest, injuries, fibres etc. I have 2 males and 1 female today. I wasn’t bothered which one i did first so just went along with the morgue staff.

Male no.1. He was found in an area of scrubland by a local walking his dog. He was already out when i walked into the examination room. He was still wrapped in a white sheet so i cut the sellotape of the ends and unwrapped it. Wow he was a big guy, tall and broad not in the manhood department. He was still partially clothed which was unusual. As the officer wasn’t turning up for a few hours i removed the socks and pants and placed them into sealed evidence bags. First impressions were that they guy was just asleep, not a single sign of injury. I carried out a search of his front and then turned him over to look at his back. He was difficult to manoeuvre but i thought i’d have a go before asking for help. I’m useless at turning bodies and haven’t a clue why, just one of those things. Eventually the inevitable happens, i pick the intercom up and ask for help. He is a big guy and that the excuse i’m sticking to. After spending time on his back which in fairness has a lot of lividity i notice a strange tiny mark under his arm. I’m so lucky in getting close and personal to individuals more intimate parts. Nope, this time its his armpit. One of my bits of kit has highlighted a tiny pin prick size mark. I haven’t got a clue what it is and for some reason just think its unusual. I highlight the area and tell the mortician. Nothing else really on this guy. Maybe just an unfortunate guy who had a natural cause of death, just quite a few years to early.

Male no.2. This guy was found floating in the river and by god he stinks. Floaters are not the best individuals to examine. You know your going to be handling goo. When i unwrapped him i thought someone was playing a joke and the hulk had been put in front of me. The only difference was this guy was a skinny green hulk, about the size of the hulks leg.  A big lungful of stinky green air and i’m back on track. As i’m examining him my fingers keep slipping along the skin. Its got a mind of its own and seems to be happy anywhere within six inches of where it started in life. As i move around and lift body parts i could hear the sockets squelching in ways they shouldn’t. Its time like this, with your nose six inches from a green lump of manhood that you realise how lucky you are. Bollocks, what did i do to deserve this in my face. In fairness i wouldn’t change my job, i’m lucky. One light frequency had given me a bit of hope. A dark area has become visible on the left ribs. To be honest i would say it was a shoe mark if the skin wasn’t so sloppy. If you can imagine a melted rubber show mark, that is basically what i think i’m looking at. I photographed the area and then tried to manoeuvre the skin into the shape i think it should be. Tweak the frequencies and i see a miracle. EKIN is visible between dark blokes of skin. Have you worked it to yet. A clue, when you look at injuries on bodies they are backwards, negative images. The images of the NIKE shoe print and good so i’m hopeful of a comparison. As with bodies i eave the DNA samples to either the morgue staff or a local CSI.

Female body no.3. This lady was found in a hotel room, on the floor to the side of the bed but with an injury to the side of her head. I’m basically looking at the body to see if there are any injuries before a full scale investigation is launched. We still have control of the room and the body seems very fresh, about 8 hours dead. Had she just fallen getting out of bed or not. The usual search starting at the left foot and working my way up the left side to the head and back down the right side. It never feels right searching some of the intimate parts of a ladies body. I always say a little sorry to them but i’m sure they understand that i need to find evidence. I must admit talking i don’t think I’ve asked any other members of the team if they talk to the deceased. I’d shit myself if i got a reply back. Near the top of her thighs i find small bruises arching from the outside to the inside. Having seen it before i look over at the other thigh, yep its the same. I have found what look like finger marks on both thighs. If this is right she may have been in a struggle. Four marks arching across the tops of the thighs and a slightly larger mark on the inside of each thigh. It looks like someone has held her thighs down. I don’t really like what is going through my mind. This usually indicates foul play. It look like she may have been sexually assaulted. If not and it was just rough sex where was the other half? Why did they leave the hotel room.? They and many others are answers i don’t have. I inform the officer that there is evidence of a struggle/rough sex but can’t say either way. The only thing i can do with this evidence is give a rough size of the hands involved. I then turn the body over (with help) and examine the back. Under one light source there appears to be bruising around her ankles and wrists. This could be ties that bound her to the bed or something else. Once again i can’t say whether it is voluntary or not, maybe the pathologist can due to the extent of bruising once they have make their incisions. There are also very faint scars on her lower back, quite long and just visible to the naked eye. I use a piece of kit and they become very clear. They look like whip marks across her bum and lower back. The scares have certainly faded so are old. None of this helps with why the side of her head is badly damaged until i look there. I (with permission) lightly shave the area of interest and see a blocky pattern. If she had fallen whilst getting out of bed and banged her head on the furniture i would expect to see angular shaped injuries. These i’m afraid certainly looked like shoe marks. There is a gash next to it that could have been caused by a small sharp object similar to a ring. But the pattern next to the gas certainly looks shoe-ish. The pathologist will be able to give his verdict but to me it looks like the poor girl has been tied up and raped, then punched in the head and then stamped on. I think the hotel room will become a homicide scene for another team later in the day.

I’ve just had a though, i’m writing this last section on the train. No one is sitting next to me but i hope the person behind hasn’t been reading between the gap in the seats.

Anyway the autopsy has been carried out since i left and hopefully the good old pathologist has come up with answers. Its weird how i have no problem handling bodies and even picking bits up. My hands have even been inside them but i really wouldn’t want to cut one open.

I wander whats for dinner, red meat no doubt.

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