I Got It Right

The last three days have been spent at a derelict factory warehouse quite a few miles away where a murder is suspected to have happened. This type of property usually indicated some kind of hit.

When i arrived the boffin scientists had already been there for a day and a half. I enquired why we weren’t called first as most of our techniques are none destructible thus leaving the site intact in needed. Why destroy a place if you can get the evidence without causing damage. The officer informed me that our scientific colleagues informed him that we were very busy and wouldn’t be able to attend for a couple of days. Wankers were just trying to justify their own existence. Personally the scientists have there place but maybe not near me, or at least some of them.

I actually bit my tongue for a change and didn’t say anything to the two female scientists, who incidentally looked very sheepish. I bet they thought they’d have worked it all out by the time i arrived. Arrogance is one of their better attributes.

The warehouse consisted of a large main holding area, probably about 80 x 50 meters. At the far end were a couple of medium sized office rooms with not furniture in them. At the entrance end there was another 3 rooms which i presume would have been used as office space in their day. There was a set of metal stairs taking you up to a mezzanine floor with a canteen area and a few more rooms. One of these rooms had a very faint smell of bleach.

The scientists had naturally started at the front and deemed the whole ground floor fit to walk on. Wow, they were very quick at clearing the whole of the warehouse floor but i just went along with it. If they were wrong let their heads roll not mine. They use a technique that destroys any chance of me finding evidence as its destructive, whereas mine isn’t. Bloody arrogant shits.

By starting at the front they obviously hadn’t bothered to look in the rooms upstairs or just didn’t take the time to look at the scene. There is a big difference to looking and seeing at a crime scene. I was always taught to think outside the box buy unfortunately they come to work for us straight after graduating and think they are gods gift.

I sound very negative towards my colleagues but they can be a pain and these two have only been at it a few years. I know for a fact they will have lost evidence by clearing the floor they way they did.  Scenes more often than not have a methodical way of approaching them, if that means i sit around whilst someone else goes first so be it. They guys just want to get in and out first.

Anyway i left them to the room down stairs they had spent a whole day in because there was some small drops of blood on the floor. Not really the amount you’d expect for a possible hit but seen as they were not thinking i left them to it.

I went to the room upstairs and started close to the room that had a faint hint of bleach. Bleach near a canteen area isn’t unusual but its also a very good substance for getting rid of evidence.

Starting a methodical search i slowly inched towards the bleach room. On the floor were drops of liquid that were reacting the way i expected bleach to when subjected to this technique. I also thought there was possible smears of blood.I’d come back to them later so just marked them.

Towards the end of the day i had reached the entrance to bleach room. I decided to have a quick look with one technique and if nothing jumped out i’d come back in the morning. It seemed a logical place to stop if need be. Unfortunately i used a technique that instantly told me i’d found the kill zone.

Without getting too big headed i was chuffed that i  may have shown the two ladies downstairs how work a crime scene. Team work is important so don’t try to out manoeuvre a team that can help as they have more experience.

I could see where a certain section of wall had been cleaned, hence the bleach smell. I didn’t really trust the word of the scientists so thought i’d check the floor for evidence myself. I suddenly realised the day was about to drag on to the late evening. Methodical searching resulted in 3 show marks being found and retrieved. I’ll never know how much better they had been if i got there first.

Eventually after a few hours i’d made my around to the wall that had a distinct white wash mark on it when viewed with my magic kit. It was obvious that something had been wiped away and evidence removed. The baddies had beaten me as far as that was concerned, DNA was more than likely a no no now.

Whilst standing looking at the smear i noticed 4 small circular glowing dots on the floor about 3 feet from the wall. Why hadn’t i noticed them before, an error on my part. More bleach marks. I stood looking at them for a while and racked my brains for what they were. I must have stared at them and the wall for about ten minutes and looked like i was in a trance. Eventually the light build turned on and i knew what it was.

I walked downstairs and told the officer that i had found significant evidence that pointed towards the room being the attack site. He was chuffed and wanted to have a look but i held him back for a few minutes. The scientists had decided it was late so gone home and were no doubt coming back in the morning.

Eventually i found what i was looking for. All the rooms were pretty much devoid of any office furniture so i found what i was looking for outside. Holding some cordon tape in place was a wooden chair. This chair is what i think left the 4 circles behind but what the heck was it doing outside. It turned out one of the first officers on site needed something to wrap cordon tape around so walked into the scene and eventually found this chair. Bloody idiot would end up getting a real rollocking from the officer in charge.

I carried the chair upstairs and prayed it fitted in with my theory. It did perfectly. It sat right on top of the dots. Straight away i could imagine what had happened. The victim had been sat on the chair when someone pointed a gun at his head and blew his brains out. They literally did blow out and all over the wall behind. Some clever spark had decided to clean the bits of brain away and reduce the chance of me gaining the best evidence.

The next couple of days were spent finishing of the rest of the scene after internally gloating about finding the attack site. It not the polite thing to do sense i kept my smugness internal. A humble scientist is also a nice thing to see.

I am totally happy with the three days spent at the scene, just a bit disappointed i couldn’t find out definitive evidence of who was killed. The area seemed to have been cleaned well to remove any fingerprint evidence so it was mainly down to DNA.

Fingers crossed for the DNA boys coming forward with the goods.





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