Fatal RTA

Today was a lovely day and i was able to delegate all jobs which left me free to do a little bit of drone instructing. As the chief pilot it is my job to train up more members of the team. Today i took a colleague to a field that had some nice woody areas around it. This gave a variety of landscapes to cope with. All went well and there was no crashes.

The part of the day that you will find more interesting was the drive back to the office. I was the passenger and enjoying the view of countryside instead of  the city when the traffic came to a standstill. Within seconds a couple of highway patrol vehicles sped past, closely followed by an ambulance and fire engine. Oh dear we were obviously being held up due to an accident and it would appear to be quite bad by the response vehicles going past. Some cars took the hint straight away and started to turn around and he’d back in the direction they had come from. I could see the flashing lights so realised we were quite close now half the cars infant had turned around.

I decided to get out the van and walk to the incident to see if there was anything i could do. After chatting to the officer in charge i decided i could help a bit by doing a fly over of the scene which would give a good overview of the scene.

The scene was a car accident where the driver was certainly dead and two passengers were seriously injured. A rick kid had taken dads luxury brand car and gone for a bit of a joy ride. He was too inexperienced a driver so wasn’t used to the power and drove in such an erratic way that he lost control on a slight bend. The car tipped onto its side and skidded for quite a few yards. The driver had his window open which resulted in his head having an argument with the road, road 1 head 0.

You could see a smear along the road where his head had been ground away. Certainly not a good way to go but try quick.

I got the drone out and took of from a safe place and away from the officers dealing with the incident. The video would give the court a good sense of the road layout and distance the car travelled on its side. The speed was obviously high as the bend was shallow, easy manoeuvred as legal and even over the legal limit. It also gave me a chance to take some good publicity photo’s.

After finishing the drone flight the officers asked if i would take some general photo’s as it would allow them carry. I said sure and ended up stating with general location images and them close ups.

I think its the first time i’ve looked into a vehicle and photographed a headless driver. Quite weird thing to see, even for me. The passengers had been carted of by ambulance with by the look of the blood would be quite horrific and probably life changing injuries.

I laid on the ground adjacent to the drivers area and photo’s the headless corpse. Not the most pleasant thing to look at but bizarrely mesmerising.

A few more general images and my work was done. Not really anything to gain with other forensic retrieval techniques as it was clearly a road traffic accident. It was a bit of a miracle that no one else was hurt.


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