End of last week

The end of last week was a bit surreal. After finishing the examination of the bodies i had to spend a day and a half in the office making sure DNA samples were sent for comparison and that the images were produced correctly. Some of the images can take quite a while in the post production stage. If they are to be reproduced for comparison great care needs to be taken so that the scale is accurate. Not a lot of room for errors, a slight difference in scaling could be the difference between a conviction or not. The images of possible shoe marks have to be reproduced as seen. As the substrate that is skin is pliable i then tried to recreate what they would have looked like if the skin was tight and non flexible. Not really evidential but it paints a better picture for the jury.

I had bits of paperwork and hassle from a member of staff who needs to act his age. I suppose you always get one idiot who thinks the world owes them a living.

That was the end of last week.

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