Sorry about the absence of material over the last week or so but i’ve been out of the country working on a case involving a fellow countryman who died under suspicious circumstances. I’m not going to talk about that case, yet.

It certainly didn’t take long to be thrown back into my normal day job. No rest for the wicked of this country we love but should fear at times.

I’m not sure if this method of killing and disposal has been on tv over the last 10 years but for some reason i have dealt with more than the norm, or what i would have perceived as the norm. Usually it is gang related but this one was a domestic.

I was called out to a principal town in a different state to have a look at a body they discovered in a fridge freezer. It looked like the person who killed the lady had frozen the body before starting disposal. It has become common to do this as it makes less mess, common sense i suppose. If its a man you generally need a large freezer but this unfortunate lady was of far east origin so slight in build.

She had been bent over double and placed into a chest freezer. Luckily for me the local officer hadn’t removed her or turned the power off. By not attempting to retrieve the body the surrounding area and surfaces should be left untouched, i hoped. There was a small area covered with plastic that an officer apologised for and he hoped it hadn’t destroyed any evidence. Bless him, he’d pushed when he opened the freezer. Its not exactly the first thing you expect to see in a freezer amongst the peas and sweetcorn. I told him it happens to the best of us at times. Just accept the piss taking as one day it’ll be the piss takers time and you’ll get your own back. I wasn’t too sure i believed my own words but it made him feel better, yes i’m just a kind sensitive guy.

Apart from the neighbours having the presence of mind to think a load of police cars surrounding them there seemed to be little interest by the press so far. Fine by me. I cracked on with blacking the house out to hide myself from preying yes and to assist with the search. It had been heavily hinted that the husband had a record for domestic violence and the neighbours confirmed that they had seen the lady with bruises on more than one occasion. With that information it was pointless conducting a search of the whole premises as most of the evidence would be legitimately there.

I started with the site of the body, it sounds obvious but sometimes you start from a possible point of entry and work from there. The rest of the property was protected from me and my kit in the way of stepping plates. This keep me and my kit of the floor.

I was hoping to search the freezer itself and find some fingerprints in unusual places. Usually you’d just use the handle and open the door, followed by retrieving the frozen bag of choice. In theory my job should be easy and it was. As in the past there are prints left in unusual places as its not that easy to lift a dead weight (sorry about the pun) in to a chest freezer. One job in the past must have been comical to watch as it wasn’t a chest freezer but an upright with the shelves taken out. It must have been funny watching him try to keep the body in the freezer, much easier in a chest version. There was plenty of evidence on the outside of this freezer but essential could be argued away as just moving it around. That is when i found a blood mark on the inside. Generally in my experience you don’t cut yourself and then go for a bag of frozen french fries. If this mark was in the deceased’s blood there would be a lot of explaining to do for the owner of the finger.

With the freezer and surrounding area searched with all sorts of kit and it now being 9 hours later it was decided that the decent thing to do would be to remove the victim to a more suitable place and actually confirm her identity although it was 99.9% certain to be the lady occupant. A body bag was laid out and she was carefully lifted which is when i had the enviable task of realising not all of her was coming out. What looked like a section of arm and leg seemed to what to stay where they were. They had what looked like saw marks at the end so it was obvious that she had at some point been removed and an attempt had been make to dismember her. For some reason the act wasn’t finished, could be the bad man didn’t like what he was doing or ran out of time.

Whilst we were completing the task of retrieving each part from the freezer we were informed that the husband had in fact already left the country on a flight to the far east. Looked like he was suspect number on and on the run.

In some ways it was good for me as the house could be sealed up until he was spoken to but n the other hand it might make it harder to gain justice for the victim.

It was’t the easiest thing in the world to close the body bag as they are generally designed for flat bodies not ones folded in half. Luckily se was small and not a 6 foot six male. That would have meant waiting for the body to thaw which meant someone staying with it all night. I deal with the dead but i draw the line at sleeping in the same room as them.

That was my most recent day at the funny farm.


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