Guided by the dead

Yesterday i attended an address to the south where an old lady had been found dead. As its bloody cold, still, its quite common for the older generation to pass away because they can’t afford heating.  Its a bad state of affairs when we can’t look after our elders, especially when you think what they have done in their lives to allow us the life we enjoy today.

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Never seen that before

Today was another new one for me.

I was asked by an officer if i could assist in bringing back some writing that had been rubbed of. I gave the usual answer to any question, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. I know from past experiences that writing can be retrieved but its not an exact science. It depends on if it was paint, ink, excrement (yep thats been done) or some unidentified liquid. I was asked to go along to a safe house and try to bring back some writing on human skin.

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End of last week

The end of last week was a bit surreal. After finishing the examination of the bodies i had to spend a day and a half in the office making sure DNA samples were sent for comparison and that the images were produced correctly. Some of the images can take quite a while in the post production stage. If they are to be reproduced for comparison great care needs to be taken so that the scale is accurate. Not a lot of room for errors, a slight difference in scaling could be the difference between a conviction or not. The images of possible shoe marks have to be reproduced as seen. As the substrate that is skin is pliable i then tried to recreate what they would have looked like if the skin was tight and non flexible. Not really evidential but it paints a better picture for the jury.

I had bits of paperwork and hassle from a member of staff who needs to act his age. I suppose you always get one idiot who thinks the world owes them a living.

That was the end of last week.

Post Production

Today was a boring day as i was office bound completing my post production from yesterday.

Not a body in sight which is unusual.


Monday Blues

Well, as with most people i don’t really like getting up for work on a Monday morning. It was made worse this morning as i had a walk to the station in poring rain. I could have taken the car but it just seems such a cop out driving such a short distance.

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I’m back home

I got back in the early hours his morning and had the luxury of a government car home. Wish they’d supply a limo home overtime not just when the trains have stopped running.

It was an interesting trip and just goes to show how good i am at my job compared to the local forensic guys.

The premises was thought to have been used by a naughty boy (bad ass criminal) and the authorities wanted to see if we could work out if he was alone and maybe how long he’d been there. The local CSI couldn’t find any useful prints or other evidence so i was called in.

Its amazing how a little bit of thought and can result in evidence within minutes. The local CSI had thrown powder over all the obvious things, doors and handles. I just picked up fruit bowl and lightly powdered it, bingo loads of prints. People do touch other things than doors. I compared the prints with ones on record and made a match. The local CSI guy was a bit embarrassed but it goes with experience. Unfortunately for him he’s not in the same position as me when it comes to exposure to serious crimes. A few tips were given and done in a non condescending manner as its not his fault and i was once a novice. You never finish learning in this job until the day you retire.

Another day was spent looking for any evidence of accomplices. Bits and pieces were found but until the lab squints look at it we’ll not know.

One saving grace was the criminal had decided to stay in a nice place. Its refreshing not to be crawling around a dump.

Its the weekend now so a couple of well deserved days of. What will next week bring, one thing for certain there will be bodies involved as there always are.

Pastures New

Last night i received a call informing me bring an overnight bag with me. I wasn’t sure what i what or where i was going to as it was a bit secret squirrel. Never mind, nothing new in that. I’ll just have to wait and be surprised.

Not too sure how much i’ll be able to say on this blog.

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A Mad Night

Last night was Sunday and i received a call although i wasn’t on call. The guy who was on call called me for some advise on the pretence that i would go to the scene and assist him as it was going to be difficult for him on his own.

I said i would meet him at the scene, you could hear a sigh of relief. As the senior member of the team in experience and years i felt obliged to help and to be honest its not everyday you turn up to a quadruple homicide.

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