Body search

Today wasn’t the nicest day as i had to deal with a living person who is in terrible trouble, its the girls related to the last story.

It looks like she is the one who was run over by the vehicle i examined the other day. I have come along to see if i can connect any of her injuries to the vehicle. It is a massive long shot but one that has to be attempted.

When i walked into her hospital room a couple of her family were present. Its always an awkward moment as you never know how to react. I hope i never have to go through what they are going through. You explain why your there and what your hoping to achieve. On one hand they are chuffed your there but on the other upset as to why. Connecting the two crimes isn’t something they wanted to hear. I didn’t know if the poor girl as better of dead or alive due to the injuries she had sustained. Hopefully she an make a recovery buy from the outside it didn’t look good.

Over the years my team has perfected techniques that allow us to bring back injuries up to a few years old. Some officers think its black magic but its just the taking advantage of the way the body heals.

I had to ask the family to leave the room but a nurse to stay. I had enough safety equipment for her as well as needing her to assist me with removing dressings. Even after so long some of her wounds were still bandaged.

Some of the kit we use is a bit Heath Robinson as its not commercially made so we have maddest by cobbling bits and pieces together. Its quite cumbersome to use but can result in brilliant evidence.

I had to photograph the girls chest and back which doesn’t sound long but actually took nearly 4 hours. Great care had to be taken not to cause distress to her. You just never know what is going on in their minds whilst in a coma. I hope she realised i was doing my best and i hope the bastard is caught and strung up. People like the shouldn’t be allowed to walk on this earth.

The last area i checked was her legs. In the past i have joked with an officer about finding the number plate impression on a body. Its just one of those things you never think you’ll be able to retrieve but would be brilliant. Miracle of miracles i actually found 2 letters on her left leg. I was excited by this thinking it would crack the case wide open until my brain kicked into action. I knew the letters and what number plate they belonged to. I had just examined the vehicle. On the plus side it confirmed the connection but did’t take us that much forward.

Its never easy dealing with living people but i really hope i can find the evidence soon that leads us to the bastard doing this.



Fatal RTA

Today was a lovely day and i was able to delegate all jobs which left me free to do a little bit of drone instructing. As the chief pilot it is my job to train up more members of the team. Today i took a colleague to a field that had some nice woody areas around it. This gave a variety of landscapes to cope with. All went well and there was no crashes.

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A couple of days in the office dealing with an idiot. Maybe more about him in the future.

When i arrived at the office this morning i thought i was going to deal with another body but was quite happy when a call came in from SWAT asking for help.

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I had to make a decision when i got in, did i go to yesterdays body at the morgue or a fresh scene. I plummet for the new scene, management has its perks at times.

After dispatching another couple to the morgue i got my kit ready and fuelled the van up. I was of to a trailer a couple of hours away and it wasn’t in a park.

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Back to normal

Today brings us back to normal and the usual dead body.

I was asked to attend a marsh about 60 miles away where a body was found by a dog walker. I’ve never actually asked a member of the public how it feels to come across a body. I virtually always know what i’m about to walk into to find a body must be a bit of a shock. Does it actually effect them long term?

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Busy few days

As you can imagine with the very sad and totally unnecessary events  in London i have been rather busy. These events effect many people in many countries and are totally senseless.  My thoughts go out to the families involved and if i can help to catch these and similar individuals in the future i will.

Can’t say what i’ve been doing so will get back to you with whatever tomorrow throws at me.