Wow, its like buses. You get one weirdo and then another comes along.

Last week i examined a girl that had orifices filled with items the perp though would disguise DNA. This week a mentally ill guy filled orifices to stop evil seeping out.

I was called to a house where a mother and son lived together. Over a period of a couple of days her other son who lived abroad became concerned as he couldn’t contact his mother. He then contacted the police and that when we arrived.

I met at the scene and was told about the injuries and theories behind them. They aren’t too sure at this stage whether she was killed by someone or died and then was subjected to the assault.

I entered the scene which was a normal residential street and was straight away struck by the lack of personal items within the house. There was the minimum amount of furniture to make it just about acceptable. The kitchen had the usual white goods but not really fitted in. There was certainly a lack of the motherly touch to the house. A bit odd since it was a mothers home.

In the living was the mother and she had some obvious wounds to her face and body. Her face had been beaten with items that didn’t break the skin i.e.  a knife. More likely fists of blunt items. You could see blood stains on her clothing and tears which meant there was more than likely stab wounds to her torso.

The strange part was the amount of soil distributed around her figure. It was nearly a complete circle, i assume it may have been disturbed by the first officers at the scene. That is fair enough as they need to check for signs of life.

I knelt down and examined her with my torch and found that her ears, mouth, nose and wound areas were also covered in soil. It then became obvious that the orifices weren’t just covered in soil they were jam packed with soil. It was a new one to me. 2 bodies in one week that were totally unconnected but had their inlets filled. The world was getting weirder than normal.

I think the stabbings were the cause of death as her face didn’t have too much blood, probably post mortem.

Whilst in the house and bit puzzled why anyone would do this to their own mother an officer came in and told us that they found out that sons suffered from mental issues. He had issues with the devil. In an interview he had said the devil was coming out of his mother.

It turns out he killed his mum as she was possessed by the devil. The devil had decided to leave her body so he killed her/ the devil to stop the egress anymore. He then decided to fill every orifice with soil to stop any seepage. Unfortunately it was left to me to check if everywhere had been treated the same. Unfortunately yes, he had thought of every orifice.

I’m glad to say that he is getting all the help he needs but unfortunate that is too late for his mother.


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