Meet the team

Meet the Team


Most of the events will evolve around me but i can’t take total credit for all successes. Although, even if i say so myself, I am very good at forensics i am part of a team. A big thanks goes out to those guys but you they will forever remain anonymous.

You didn’t actually think i was going to tell you about anyone else.

Meet my most important friends



My trust old magnifying glass goes with me everywhere. As i get older the small evidence becomes harder to find. This little friend keeps he in the game.

I haven’t really spoke about my drones. Yes they are mine although i didn’t actually pay for them. I work closely with a certain manufacturer who takes on board the teams ideas and incorporates them in their commercial crafts. This intern gives us access to some amazing bits of kit before the public. I’m not going to tell you what crafts they are as you may see one nearby one day and then start shouting Sherlock at me.

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