A Mad Night

Last night was Sunday and i received a call although i wasn’t on call. The guy who was on call called me for some advise on the pretence that i would go to the scene and assist him as it was going to be difficult for him on his own.

I said i would meet him at the scene, you could hear a sigh of relief. As the senior member of the team in experience and years i felt obliged to help and to be honest its not everyday you turn up to a quadruple homicide.

I arrived at the scene and chatted to the officers re what they thought had happened. As with these kind of things its never known exactly what happened, yet. Although they seem to think when i turn up the magic box of tricks will produce a signed confession.

The on call guy turns up with the vehicle full of ‘magic’. Usually we would just grab some protective clothing and have a look at the scene, work out what is needed and then return for the kit. On this occasion the scene was on the 18th floor of a tower block we took some kit to try and save return journeys.

Full kit on and i walked into the scene. It was a small flat with a longish corridor leading from the front door to a lounge at the end. The smell of death was in the air indicating the bodies weren’t the freshest. Not the worst smelling scene so no issues. Its usually the officers that gag at the smell as they don’t attend as many scenes as us. The corridor had blood spatter all along the walls and on the floor. The right side of the corridor had 3 doors, one to the bathroom and the others to bedrooms. It turned out the kitchen was in the lounge.

After covering the floor to save evidence we advanced down the corridor and stopped a the first bedroom. I could see a small bed with a child in it, most defiantly dead. Large gun shot to the front of her head, Behind the door was another bed with what looked like another young girl. Slightly worse head injury so it was a guess at that point. I walked to the next bedroom and feared in, no body. Next was the bathroom, that had no body but the there was certainly signs of a struggle. Last but not leas the main attraction. The lounge has a large and small sofa at one end and a kitchen area at the far end. In between was a huge tv, is till can’t work out why people want huge tv’s 7 feet from where your sitting. It was a lovely Samsung curved TV but it wasn’t going to entertain anyone again due to the bullet that had shattered the screen. In front of the the TV was a male body, it was lying in a pool of blood and brains. Behind the breakfast bar section of the kitchen a pair of legs protruded towards the lounge area. I guessed that was victim number 4. It was a lady. I presumed they were a family but couldn’t be sure as the officers hadn’t positively ID’d them all yet.

As i turned, my foot slipped on something and i lost my footing. With the best will in the world you know if your going to fall its going to be in the wrong part of the room. Time slowed down and i pirouetted through the air and landed with my face about 12 inches from the dead guys face (the bit that was left). Some wouldn’t ind it comical but as i looked into the one remaining eye i just imagined the guys spirit calling me a f@@k wit. I think he was justified. As you can image there was no sympathy from colleagues behind me, just sniggers. In fairness one mans f@@k up in these situations is everyone else mirth. We all dine out on others mistakes. It a bizarre badge of honour in our business.

Anyway at first looks it looked like a 3 pronged murder with a suicide finishing the hell.

The rest of the kit is retrieved and i start in the lounge with my colleague starting in the bathroom. I stand and look for a short period deciding where to start. Something nags at me saying all is not all it seems. After a short while i realise that the male victims brains are on the wrong side of his body. I kneel on the floor next to him and look at the bits of brain matter on the wall to his left. If that is the case why is he facing back towards the door with the good side of his face facing the ceiling. He’d either spun a 180 whilst shooting himself in the head or he’d been slightly moved. He’d been moved. I wanted to prove my theory to myself before i carried on with the investigation. A trip to the van and i came back with our special black out material and a roll of tape. Even though its night time i don’t want even the moonlight entering the room. I mix up my ‘magic’ chemicals and ready myself for a spray of the room. The chemical i am going to use reacts with blood and create a blue hue. You can then look at the blood scuffs in the carpet interpreting whether the body had moved or not. I’m not an expert in paranormal activity but it was pretty clear to me that the guy had been bragged a full 180 degrees. Why i haven’t got a clue but the blood tracks clearly showed his feet being dragged around. To me this now looked like a multiple homocide. I then continued to look at the floor and saw two sets of blood shoe marks aiming towards the lounge/hall door. Dead people don’t walk in their own blood and then levitate back to the place they are found. I continue my search down the corridor and as i suspected the blood shoe marks left by the front door. Once again i don’ think dead people walk. I open th front door and tell the officer about my findings. The look on his face is one of puzzlement as he thought it wouldn’t be a long night, suicide is generally cleared up quite quick.

This is going to be a long scene so a strategy is needed. I inform the officer that my colleague and myself will search the bodies so they can be removed and then a team will come in the morning to start the search.

Body one for me is the male victim. It looks like my mate has the short straw, two kids. I’m on the floor next to my guy with my trusty torched magnifying glass looking for any signs of evidence. Yes it is strange having your face inches from a mans blown apart skull. The smell is ok and by being semi fresh and winter the maggots haven’t made him their home yet. I do finds some foreign fibres on his shirt sleeve. I bag them for analysis in the lab, you never know they could belong to whoever moved him. It has been known for a killer to leave blood fingermarks on a body before, not in this case.

After carrying out a visual search of the lady as well i then fire u the ‘magic’ lights. It doesn’t matter how often you show others involved in the case evidence found with these lights they still feel amazed by it. I don’t think anything of it but to others it does seem miraculous. Basically most things will fluoresce, its just a case of finding the right wavelength and interpreting what you find. We generally use this technique to find invisible evidence such as fibres, blood, semen and fingerprints. It can be used for other things as well but that will probably be told in another story.

I’m now lying next to the guy as my visible search area is about a 6 inch circle. With a small area you need patience and concentration. This is the part where most people fail in this line of work. Lying next to a dead guy searching his body and not really being bothered buy his brains being splattered around you. Its also the part where you will probably have a little chat with the guy. I have’t got a clue but it just seems rude not to have a small chat. Chats a private though so i’m not going to tell you what he said but he seemed a decent guy.

He didn’t give up anymore evidence so i moved on to the lady. There wasn’t a great deal of room around her so i ended up lying half in the lounge and half in the kitchen area. She did give me  bit of evidence. A fingermark in blood on the back of her hand. I’m guessing someone went to slap/punch her and she put her hand up as protection. The blood is either from they guy or one of the kids. I don’t know as an order of death hasn’t been established.

The fingermark is labelled and photographed so that i can reproduce it for the experts who will compare it to our database. Surely the perpetrators in this crime have a rap sheet.

My colleague finishes searching the two kids and unfortunate doesn’t find any evidence on them, It looks like they were shot whilst asleep. That is something small to be thankful for but also makes me think that a silencer must have been used. The firearms experts haven’t seen the bodies or bullets yet so i could be wrong. It does happen occasionally.

Without realising it time has crept on to 6.30 am. Blimey i took me over 4 hours to search the bodies. Doesn’t time go fast when your having fun.

Thats a good point for us two to stop and gather our evidence ready for the next team to take over. It’ll still be another 4-5 hours before we finish by the time the evidence is handed over to the relevant lab rat. I still have image production to complete. Not sure if that will be done before a sleep.


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