A bit of culture

No bodies today i’m afraid, just artwork.

I attended a prestigious art gallery that had a launch for some distinguished guests last night. Unfortunately some drunk idiot wanted to cause trouble.

A section of the gallery had been used for the launch of a particular artists work, Some of it was ok but i’m not really into art that is so abstract that its basically a pile of rubbish. Call me a heathen but art is something creative and skilful. If you make a sculpture out of rubbish that actually looks like a pile of rubbish, it is a pile of rubbish.

One of the guests decided that his old rebellious punk days would be returned to. He decided to wander into another exhibition and try to remove a huge expensive piece of artwork. Pratt.

Luckily he didn’t manage to remove the canvas from its frame, probably due to the size of it. The frame was probably about 8 feet high by 5 feet wide. As the piece is a semi permanent piece of art it was securely secured to the wall. Mr. Idiot couldn’t remove it and in a half drunk state made enough noise to alert security. I was asked to try and prove he was attempting to remove it not just admire it.

No chemical or powders could go anywhere near the canvas or frame so only specialist lights could be used. One light could only be used for a while as it would age the canvas quickly and another needed extra care and attention as it could so easily burn through the piece. The panic on the gallery managers face was priceless.

I did my bit and found some fingermarks in places that indicated it was either being carried or an attempt had been made to remove it from the wall. If they matched Mr. Idiot he was caught banged to rights.

I understand the ethos of punk but when it comes down to it, if its not yours its not yours. Non conformity and allegedly ‘not selling out’ to the establishment doesn’t mean you can help yourself to or destroy others property.

It was a simple job but one that i took a bit of satisfaction in.

Ann a different subject, here’s a bit of office gossip for you. The head of our department and another department seem to be having affairs with each other. It becomes quite funny when you realise its happening. Its becomes so obvious but they are acting as if no one knows, when we all do. One will leave the office and surprise surprise the other follows a couple of minutes later. When i returned to the office today i noticed the male part of the affair walking towards where i was making a coffee. All i had to do was delay him by a couple of minutes and watch the other half come clip clopping through in her high heal shag me shoes. I managed to hold him up long enough to see her come around the corner towards the coffee area and literally stop dead. The look on her face was priceless and confirmed everything people were gossiping about. How people think they can have an affair in an office and keep it secret. Fun and games could be had in the future.


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