Sick People

Whatever job i turn up to i don’t think i will ever come to realise the full extent of how sick some people can be.

I’ve always understood that in a fit of madness some people may lash out with a knife or gun. I’m certainly not condoning violence but i can understand how a one off act can result in the heat of the moment. However the sick bastards do come to the top of the pile every so often.

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Drone flight in the dark

Our work is nearly back to normal, as normal as it ever gets. I spent a day at the ‘death farm’ with the drone but better not tell you the results as some criminals may be able to benefit from them. It was very encouraging from the view of the crime fighters but not the criminal. It does constantly amaze me how spin offs from one experiment throw up other useable results.

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My thoughts are with all the families who have suffered a loss and with all those recovering in hospital.

The human race is surely better than this, do we really need to be killing each other. NO we don’t.

Donald Trump please keep your tweets to yourself. You don’t represent the people of the USA or anyone in the free world with stupid unhelpful out of context comments.