Sad Times

The last week has been busy for any member of the security services but especially for those in England. My thoughts go to the families caught up in the horror that is terrorism and to those who are dealing with the aftermath.

Having dealt with too many situations similar to the Manchester one i feel for the guys going in to find the evidence. It is a thankless task and one you need to be strong minded to cope with. It is a situation no one should have to see, especially at a young persons happy event.

One day we will all defeat terrorism and live in a harmonious world.

The job we don’t like doing

The last week has unfortunately for me been mainly full of unfunny aspects, paperwork. Its the time of year i have to do staff appraisals, which by the way were due last month but never actually get done on time. They mean nothing unless someone has done something wrong. I only have one troublesome member of staff who needs to be treated like a petulant child. Personally he doesn’t deserve the job but i’m not allowed to say that in public let alone infant of him. Don’t you love HR, nope.

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Sorry about the absence of material over the last week or so but i’ve been out of the country working on a case involving a fellow countryman who died under suspicious circumstances. I’m not going to talk about that case, yet.

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