My Story

Many years ago, in fact a different century, i saw a job advertised and thought “i may have a crack at that”. It wasn’t a particular field in which i had thought about looking into but the bills needed to be paid and it paid well enough. I was successful and joined the ranks of a world leading forensic team who were and still are at the forefront of forensic inginuity. Obviously i joined as a junior but with a willingness to undertake many faucets of the roll i soon climbed to the dizzy heights of middle management. I am not a creature that would enjoy being office bound, the coal face is where i want to be. Its probably where I will stay unless i suddenly become battle scarred with murder scenes. I have unfortunately seen a few individuals crack and its sad to see your colleagues suddenly change due to the substrate we work with. In the old days people were cared for but to the new senior managers your just a number, shame.

I’m not too sure why i have decided to write about my experiences now, although a lot has happened recently in my life.  A friend does keep asking me to write a book and maybe this is a way to gauge interest. CSI does seem very popular. I keep coming home and finding my kids watching Dexter, Bones or CSI and wander why.

I suppose i should reiterate now that this won’t always be an accurate blog as far as timing goes. Hopefully you will understand why i keep certain parts of the blog either vague or altered so that i can protect victims identities as well as mine. When possible i will avoid names and places but if they enhance the story they will be changed. Hopefully you still won’t figure out where i am. Some of this may be written whilst i’m still attending a scene, as some crimes keep me there for days but on the whole i will more than likely tell you about the crime after the dust has settled, depending on the crime. This is real life with real people involved, not Bones or Dexter.

I have now been a leading forensic expert for this agency over half my life. During these years i have been involved with everything from assault to multiple homocides, surveillance to riot patrol and burglary to mass war graves. I have attended crime scenes in my country as well as around the world. My evidence has been used around the world and i have been lucky  enough to see a different side of a fascinating world, the  criminals world. The amazing thing is that crime, especially murder doesn’t stick to a particular class, race, sexuality or age. Anyone can be caught up in it, either on purpose or by accident. 

I’m not too sure how i have kept sane all these years but i do know that the black sense of humour that follows the team certainly keeps us sane whilst operating. At times I hope i can bring this out in the stories without offending anyone. The other aspect of my life which certainly keeps me normal is my family. They seem to take what i do in their stride, secretly i reckon they are proud of me, of course they wouldn’t tell me that.  Although i have a very close working relationship with colleagues i do have a great friendship group at home. Some friends know the full nature of what have done and some think they know. Some just call wanting to know the gossip of which isn’t going to be forthcoming from me. I try to avoid any serious crimes that are near my home.

Although i deal with death frequently it still amazes me how blood thirsty people are. If I’m at a party no one wants to know how the banker made his millions, they want to know what i have been doing. Those that know me properly don’t ask. The sensation seekers are usually disappointed as i play everything down to virtually being my own worst fear, a desk bunny.

Over the years i have probably dealt with in excess of 1000 – 1500 homicides (who’s counting) and plenty of other crimes in-between. Some are short, some are long but none are the same.

I am not going to go into detail about the equipment i use. I don’t want to get bogged down with how swabs are taken and evidence packaged. This and many other aspects of the job are done differently all around the world. I’m not saying one is better than the other, as anyone involved in this work should be respected, whatever the equipment. Although i will say my new-ish piece of equipment is particularly sexy. i love flying the UAV’s (drones). We have now been using them for a lot longer than people will think. Over the last few years they have rocketed in popularity which i view as a blessing. We nearly blend in with the public, i say nearly as some are quite large and just attract “budding” pilots. Great for certain aspects of the job but a pain in the ass when your spotted. Generally its at that point i widen the cordon to such an extreme you’d think i had my own landing strip.

I hope you enjoy this blog and maybe learn that there are people out there fighting for the victims.

Please forgive any spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors, I am just a normal bod trying to do my best and spell check just gets on my nerves.

As the blog progresses i think i’ll become braver in what i say so stick with it and tell your friends.



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